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DirDate 6.3

DirDate 6.3: Modify file and folder dates from command line, exif support date, creation date or last access dates. It can use a reference file (where you `lift` the date from an existing file), the current date/time or a series of YEAR=, MONTH=, DAY=, HOUR=, MIN=, SEC= and MSEC= commands. EXIF support - set file create and modified dates to EXIF camera Date Taken dates stored in your JPG, PSD or TIF photo files, with easy DST or time zone adjustment. You can also set modified dates to create dates, or create dates to

Enhanced SharePoint User Tasks Menu 1.0: The Enhanced SharePoint User Tasks Menu enables task settings with one click
Enhanced SharePoint User Tasks Menu 1.0

date of the task can be set to different time frames directly in menu # Due Date: Today - The due date is set to the current day # Due Date: Tomorrow - The due date is set to the current day plus one day. # Due Date: This Week - The due date is set to the next friday of the current week. If it`s saturday or sunday the current date is used. # Due Date: Next Week - The due date is set to the friday of the next week. # Due Date: No Due Date - The due

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Magic Date Picker 2.0: Magic Date Picker will help you change date on your computer very quickly.
Magic Date Picker 2.0

date on your computer. It might come in handy when you are using a time-limited demo of a shareware program that check computer date. If the date is too big or the evaluation is expired the program won`t run. Here is where Magic Date Picker comes in. With Magic Date Picker you can change the computer date with just one click. You can change it for a day, month, or a year, but you can also select a custom date. You can increase or decrease the dates

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Calendar ActiveX control 3.1: Provides a calendar-like interface that let users view and set date information.
Calendar ActiveX control 3.1

set date information. Supports: - Full color customization - Visual styles - Dual mode - Multi-selection - Keyboard navigation - Resizing ... plus more Possible Uses - As a replacement for the standard MS Calendar and MonthView controls. - To handle date information in your applications. A Calendar control enables you to create applications that let users view and set date information via a calendar-like interface. It automatically handles resizing

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AttributeMagic Standard 2.4.2: Advanced utility to change file-folder date-time, attributes and rename files.
AttributeMagic Standard 2.4.2

date-time stamps and attributes. You can modify modification, creation and last accessed date-time stamps of files and folders. AttributeMagic Standard can copy, shift and mask date-time stamps, extract date-time information from the file name. AttributeMagic can rename files and folders with date-time, add prefix, suffix and serial number to the file-folder name. AttributeMagic can set, reset and invert file attributes (read-only, hidden, archived

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DateTime 1.5: Set your desktop accurate date and time from the web.
DateTime 1.5

DateTime is a useful freeware Windows utility that allows users with an Internet connection to accurately set their system`s date and time. It is easy to use. With just a few clicks of your mouse you can fetch the current date and time from the Internet Date/Time host. You can compare new values with your system`s date and time. You can easily update your PC clock settings with new, correct values.

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Pop-up Excel Calendar 1.7.7: Date picker that pops up a calendar to allow picking or selecting dates in Excel
Pop-up Excel Calendar 1.7.7

date picker also provides other useful options. For example, you can set the First Day of Week option to adjust the calendar layout; set the Default Date Format option to have the calendar set a date format if the target cell is not formatted as date. With Custom Formats, you can even control what formats are valid date formats and what are not. With this new version, the date picker offers a new option that enables the pop-up calendar to show a

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